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Friday, 4 September 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation | Like Waving A Magic Wand

When it comes to Charlotte Tilbury it seems that she can not put a foot wrong, her formulas are amazing,her packaging to die for and the know how and helpful tutorials that come with are a breath of fresh air.

I have been a hard core fan for a few years now...well ever since she launched and I own most of her range which is amazing for me but not so amazing for my bank balance. However I don't really mind the price tag as I think her products are totally worth it and very easy on the eyes.

The amount of media buzz around her products is exceptional and it seems everyone is in love with her range from the everyday women to the super elite celebrities all agreeing that her products are well and truly where it's at.

Of course after hearing that a new foundation was about to launch I was a little more excited than I care to admit. I have her original Wonder Foundation which I love but when I discovered that this foundation took 5 years to develop I just had to try it.

So the foundation is of course called Magic Foundation (and the ad campaign that accompanied this product was captivating) it reminded me of the film Hocus Pocus staring Bette Midler,Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker (if your an 80s-90's child you will know what I mean) it was one of my favourite films growing up and the ad for Magic Foundation makes me feel all nostalgic.

So back to the exteriors, the box it came in was equally as delightful as the small glass potion bottle with rose gold lid...are you guys swooning yet? ROSE GOLD LID -  needless to say I love every element of the packaging of this foundation it's just all round beautiful and that's not even the best part.....this foundation.....wait for it....this foundation COMES WITH A PUMP!!!!! FINALLY  a high end foundation that appreciates how frustrating it is to have to make a special effort and go to more expense just to use it easily,sparingly and effectively ahhhh Charlotte you really do know how to spoil a girl.
The pump is already attached and it's white which adds to the over all charm of the product but can be screwed off if preferred.

It is a standard 30ml and retails for £29.50 which I think is a fantastic price for a high end full coverage foundation. Not only can you pay a lot more for high end foundations that are not even in the same league in their performance but Charlotte invests so much time,care and not to mention expertees in her products that I would happily pay double (not that I am offering) but I feel like it is a very fair price for what you get.

So you may be asking what all the fuss is about and what does it claim to do? Magic Foundation is a super light weight foundation that provides a demi-matte finish whilst giving long lasting full coverage. It eliminates and tackles acne,reduces pores,makes dull,tired skin look more youthful,unified and balanced. Meaning that it will appeal to most people and cure a lot of skin ailments . It also helps even out any dark or red patches and provides what can only be described as the prefect yet natural base that we all long for. The other element I love is that is feels so light on the skin and lasts a very long time....longer than any other foundation I have tried which is amazing.

If you guys would like to see me apply the foundation and talk about my first impressions of the product then head over to my channel to watch my latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk6qTp8L4rw

In the video I talk at length about my experience with it and how I apply the foundation and my skin before and after.

Also for anyone who is wondering in the video and in the above picture I am wearing shade 8 and I also ordered the shade 7 for when my skin is looking a bit paler in the upcoming winter months.

Hope you guys found this useful and much love.

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  1. Hi! which color do you have in the charlotte tilbury and faced born this way foundation? So much thanks i love your youtube channel!!

    1. Hi I mention in the comparison video on my channel both shades so check that out but on the top of my head I think I am a shade Medium 8 in the Charlotte Tilbury and Warm Beige in the Too Faced :) thanks for the love Nori x


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