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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector | Champagne Pop & Moonstone

So when it comes to the highlight game I feel like I got this stuff down. Along with foundation highlighters are my favourite beauty product to play with hands down.

I love all different types and textures, I love warm tones,cool tones,cream finish powder finish. And I look for a few things, how natural it looks (I don't want to look like a glitter ball) and how long it lasts.
I have been so lucky to have tried so many that are out there Drugstore and High end but I have to say I have found the cats pyjamas when it comes to highlights & for a whole bunch of different reasons...So let's get into it.

Becca Cosmetics can do very little to disappoint me to be honest, with the exception of their brow contour mousse.
They are more renowned for their highlights and boy I can sure see why, thus far I have only invested in two (I do plan to pick up the rest) I have Champagne Pop and Moonstone. Both of these highlights boast gorgeous packaging and obviously cost the same. The main difference despite being subtle is the undertone & shade.

Ok so the above little number is Champagne Pop, this was the first one I bought and at the time it pained me to hand over my debit card in Space Nk as the last thing I needed was yet another champagne coloured highlighter that would sit redundant in my stash. After failing to get it out of my mind I finally took the plunge and I felt like I had opened Pandora's Box as I LOVE THEM, but now I feel like I 'need' every single one. The texture of this product is seriously like cashmere, it glides onto the skin and makes you look lit from within. It gives you a light and natural gilded highlight that makes you look like you have been blessed with the most amazing bone structure. It really is just to die for.

It is definitely a warm toned highlight and gives a peach-like appearance to your skin and the light bounces off it perfectly.

Moonstone is just as pleasing on the eye but this is more of a frosty, cool tone. This is one I use everywhere, my cupids bow, chest, brow bone, my legs and well pretty much everywhere I want to draw natural focus. Like it's sister it feels like cashmere and lasts for a full day and gives you an everlasting ethereal glow the goddess of Greece would envy.

It is true that they are not the cheapest highlight you can buy but trust me when I say they are the best on the current market, and I have tried enough to vouch. I think if your a strobing junkie and you love your highlight breathe in and take the plunge...I seriously doubt you will regret it.

I think it is wholeheartedly justifiable to have perfector in the name, as these little beauties are just beyond gorgeous, in application, texture and finish.

Have you tried them and what do you think?

Big Love Guys



  1. Highlighters are my favorites too! Will give this a go.

    1. thanks for visiting :) i just noticed you blog too so I will make sure to follow :) yeah try one out and let me know how you get on x


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