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Monday, 21 March 2016

By Terry Cover-Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation | A Complexion As Flawless As Fresh Milk

By Terry is normally a brand that is a little out of my price bracket, unless of course I have a special occasion or I am treating myself. I have been lucky enough to try a few of their launches but each time I go to purchase I get palpitations and sometimes I find it hard to believe how much i have just paid for something that has a shelf life.

Although their prices could lead you to having to remortgage your house (joke) you can rest in the comfort of knowing you have purchased quality. I think sometimes especially us bloggers you can get swept away with the hype of a product and purchase something on a whim that's very much a impulse buy. To quote a subscriber who recently left me a comment on one of my videos "if you buy what you love you will never regret" I think in this case those are wise words.

Thankfully I have had the courage to purchase 3 By Terry products and I have to admit they really are a premium quality to match their premium price tag not that I can justify making a habit of it. When researching the brand I discovered that it really is a case of makeup meets skincare, so not only are you enhancing your outer beauty you are nourishing it and giving it the ingredients it needs to,plump,heal conceal and look as radiant and wrinkle free as possible.

One thing that really defines a makeup brand in my opinion is having an iconic base product. So it felt very natural of me to choose to invest in a foundation as my first By Terry purchase. The foundation I chose to opt for was the Cover-Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation.

Soon as I wanted to make triple sure the base suited me I booked a foundation consultation at my local Space Nk. I strongly recommend you do this as not only will they match you and apply it,  they will educate you on how best to use it and what benefits it is specifically targeting for you.
Then I suggest you go about your day and return to the store to purchase if you liked the appearance, lasting power and finish. I have to also say that By Terry consultant at my local Space Nk was an absolute darling and nothing was too much trouble...she also had no issue answering my never ending series of questions.

Ok so ramble over lets talk about the actual foundation shall we? The packaging is a little disappointing for price. It is basically a purple/ midnight blue plastic bottle with a squeeze type opening. I don't actually mind it but I feel a more effort could have been put in however it is great for on the go as it is nice and light, another plus is when you are through you can cut it open to get every last drop out.

In every other area this foundation excels, the finish it gives is almost perfection. The consistency is like air and it glides on to your skin like creamed silk. It feels more like a skincare product which is fitting as it has a lot of skincare benefits. When I learned about all the benefits I could begin to see that that price tag is reflected in all the luxurious ingredients that the foundation embodies. It is also slightly bigger than a typical 30ml but don't get too excited it's only an extra 5ml but hey I will take it.

The shade selection is fantastic and the foundation suits warm and cool tone perfectly. It is not the best in terms of coverage but if you have nothing too severe going on then it is ample. If you have acne prone skin,blemishes or redness then you can opt for a concealer or build it up.

I always feel like a million bucks when I have applied this foundation and I think that's what makeup is all about, making you feel confident and a more perfected version of yourself, with that in mind is £45 really too much to ask? I guess it's really a case of if you can afford it? and if you can go for it.

My skin always looks so fresh faced and I have to say more radiant and dare I say younger when I  have applied it.  Even though I only ever wear this foundation as a treat I have to say I really do adore it, the coverage is light to medium,it feeds,nourishes and hydrates my skin and it lasts for round 16 hours.

You can watch my in-depth review and application of this foundation here on Youtube...just in case you need a little nudge :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZgmF5_HQF4

I hope this review has been helpful and comment with your thoughts.

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