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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Any Disney Fans Out There Wonder What Mulan's Sleeve Is Soaked In When She Removes A Full Face Of Makeup In One Swipe?

Micellar Waters seem to have exploded in popularity in the past few years and now they are the first pitt stop when it comes to removing the bulk of our slap or makeup for the non Northerner's reading I think it was Bio Derma that paved the way for the revolutionary product that now holds a firm place in most people's skincare routines and in their bathroom cabinets.

Now almost every brand and their mother have thrown their two cents in and it has become a mind-boggling task to choose between them.
To be completely honest I have been lucky/crazy enough to have tried most of them and even though I really like Micellar Water I find it not all that exciting to talk or write about.....well that was until now!

The Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water ticks all the boxes for me for a number of different reasons and I have to say it has blown all other Miceller Waters out of the water (pun intended)

The first thing I love is the packaging, it is a lovely clear bottle meaning it's  two-toned liquid where the fluids meets is exposed, it has a really interesting aesthetic to it. It has a flip cap closing so you can either tip and pour it out or give it a gentle squeeze onto a cotton pad.

It also has a fantastic price for the size you get, the 400ml constitutes around 200 uses so it really does last you a while and retails for around £5.99 but most of the time in Superdrug and Boots it tends to be on offer for less! However I would happily pay the £5.99 for it and perhaps a couple of quid more too!

It works really well for all skin types and it's ingredients make it super gentle and nourishing on the skin. It can also be used for dry and sensitive skin which is great because it can be quite hard to find makeup removers that are not heavily concentrated in alcohol. It cleanses the skin in a very caring way but it really does pack a punch and removes everything in it's path.

You will see from the picture above that the oil sits on top of the water meaning you have to give it a good shake, this mixing will activate the ingredients that go on to break the dirt and makeup down.

 Bizarrely The oil infused water leaves a very radiant finish to the skin and my complexion almost glows when I have used this product, this although not essential is lovely and a refreshing change to the redness left behind with others I have tried.

Once mixed it transforms into a pale yellow colour meaning it is ready to use and I swear this gets rid of EVERY trace of my makeup. It also deals really well with anything waterproof as you have the oil that breaks it all down really quickly and effectively.

Another unique feature of this product is that even though it is oil based you can use it all over the face without it leaving an awful,greasy residue. It makes light work of removing foundation even ones as stubborn as Estee Lauder's Double Wear.

This cleanser requires no rinsing and it leaves the loveliest scent on the skin. It's not heavily perfumed it just leaves a refreshing,clean scent behind which really uplifts my senses and makes me want to use it more.

I love this Micellar Water so so much and on another note have any Disney fans out there ever wondered what Mulan's sleeve is soaked in when she removes here full face of makeup with one swipe? I think it may be  this! No joking aside,  I think this makeup remover is just life and a new found favourite of mine in what WAS a very dull category.

Hope guys enjoyed this short and sweet review!

Big Love




    1. you do indeed, and when you have it report back haha x


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