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Monday, 25 April 2016

The Best Lipsticks I Have Tried So Far....EVER!

Lipsticks are definitely a product I like to binge on....Shamefully they constitute about a third of my entire makeup collection, with that being said it's fair to say I have tried more than my fair share and have become quite picky when it comes to choosing favourites within my ever-growing collection.

I also have a texture and finish preference despite the brand or colour and it has to be Matte. When most people think of matte they associate it with awful lines, intense dryness and most of the time assume for it to be uncomfortable I think the matte revolution has really upped it's game and thanks to products like Cailyn Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint and the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Collection these worries are long gone!

  I am always on the hunt for intense,rich yet moisturising matte lipsticks and I have become quite accustomed to finding real gems on the drugstore and highend shelves alike.

As mentioned above lipstick is nothing I am short of and I do have a few 'loves' when it comes to the matte variety. A new edition that has become my favourite matte Lip of all time!!!! (pretty bold statement I know but totally true) is the Cailyn Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tints and to me they are the new 'it thing' I am so impressed with them that I wanted to shout their praises from the roof tops.

So want to know more?  Here are the deats!!!

Let's start with one of my main passions in life whether its in relation to beauty or not...packaging. Not only do the Cailyn lipsticks out preform many of the matte rivals on the shelves but the packaging is really stylish and looks super premium. It has a minimalist design and a very pleasing aesthetic to it. Despite it being quite chunky and tall it is not cumbersome and  you get a decent amount of product for your buck....happy days!

The applicators are soft and precise, they have a manoeuvrability to them which really helps for precise and even application. So great for people like me that are not the best at applying liquid lipstick, especially when it comes to bolder shades. The applicator applies just the right amount of product and bends to the contours of you lips making them pretty much fool-proof.

If you watch my Youtube videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChbr03dSrPArB_hpyYS5CRQ you will know I am definitely a red lip enthusiast and I must have a thousand and one shades in my stash. This particular red is a fiery, hot pepper red that has warm orange undertones. The texture is rich and smooth and it goes on wet but dries almost instantly. It feels cold on first contact but it is a very pleasing sensation especially if you have just been at them with a lip exfoliator.  This colour is perfect for the Spring and upcoming Summer months. It is a vibrant shade that will suit a variety of skin tones and is a perfect pop of colour and offers a rich and hydrating finish.

I also LOVE this brownish shade which is perfect for the Autumn and Winter months although I have to admit I have struggled to stop applying this as I am obsessed with the colour. The formula is the same and its super hydrating and caring on the lips. This shade of brown has berry undertones and has become my go to 'vamp shade' it now holds a very firm place in both my collection and in my heart as these shades don't always suit me, so for me this is a keeper!

The other thing I love about these lipsticks is that once they are on they are on and no matter what you do! Eat, drink or even have a full on smooch and they do not budge or transfer on to skin or clothes.  This is great because the last thing I want when wearing a bold lip is a stained collar or to look like I am doing a bad impression of the Joker in Batman! "Why so serious" sorry it was wide open I had to say it!

The only way or removing these bad boys it with a decent oil based makeup remover, when using the right remover they come off easily and the lips still feel plump and hydrated.

All in all there is absolutely nothing I would complain about when it comes to these lipsticks. The price is great, their shade selection is vast and as mentioned above they are the new heavy-weights when it comes to a matte variety!

Have you guys tried them?

Hope you enjoyed this....Big love

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  1. These sound fabulous! I haven't tried many liquid lipsticks, so even though I have quite the lip product collection already I can probably justify hunting down a few of these haha! x


    1. i honestly cant express just how good these are, and the shade selection is amazing, i am defiantly going to have to get some more x


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