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Monday, 4 April 2016

Loreal Infallible Sculpt Range | The Gripes & The Glory

Anything surrounding sculpting and contouring and I am basically interested, so when Loreal launched the Infallible Sculpt collection I was desperate to try it. The launch has quite a few products including a brush but so far I have only opted for the most interesting- that being a foundation,a cream contour and a blush.

I have now tried all of these products and I am going to sum them up in a nutshell!

Let's begin with the base more formally known as Infallible Sculpt Foundation, the first of a few gripes I have with this product is the packaging, this bad boy leaks like a broken tap. The pump is not secure and the foundation seeps out and creates quite a mess not to mention a LOT of waste. Second issue is given the wastage this foundation is 29ml! why 29ml? I know its only a mere difference but if you add it to the waste it will have during its life span you will be lucky to get a solid 20ml out of it.

Another issue I have is it only comes in 2 shades,you guys will all know that we come in all shapes,sizes and colours! How can we expect two shades to accommodate everyone? the simple fact it is can't. So a vast majority of people can not benefit or even begin to try the foundation until that is addressed. It is ok for me personally as the 03 Medium-Dark suits me quite well but from a consumer point of view it is pretty poor.

OK so you may ask do you like anything about the foundation or should we stop reading now? well hold the phone as there are a few things I love about it.

The texture is nice and light and it applies and blends with ease, it looks very natural on the skin and I would say it helps to define my features a little better. It also is a demi-matte finish which is what I like as it gives you a very natural and balanced complexion. The coverage is also great and it does deal with blemishes and redness without difficulty.

It lasts very well and I have to say despite my issues with it, it does make for a very nice base IF you can find your shade. If you want to see my video review & application on Youtube you can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65-5WLcBby4

 Lets talk about the Cream Contour Kit, I actually really like this,most people are preferring the bronzer to the highlight but I actually prefer the highlighter shade as it has no shimmer which is not all that common on the drugstore shelves.

There is nothing wrong with the bronzer but it's just not pigmented enough for my olive skin. But all in all a very good product, nice finish,nice packaging and pretty good colour pay-off. The only real down side is that it only lasts a few hours.

You will see from the above picture that the appearance of their texture is very soft which means they can be blended quite naturally.

OK so I have saved the best for last, The Infallible Sculpting Blush is truly gorgeous, I opted for one but they have three in the range and a gorgeous pink one I have my eye one. The formula is rich and pigmented and you get the three colours which help to make it s natural yet highlighted flush to you cheekbones. They are super pigmented and last really well, the colours really compliment each other and can be used alone or you can use like me and just swirl your brush in and use them together. They are super bendable and really seep into your cheeks beautifully I highly recommend and like I said star product!

Thanks for reading guys!


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