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Friday, 29 April 2016

When "Dupes" Fail.......Miserably

I really struggled with what to name this Blog Post and after feeling defeated and uninspired I consulted with a fellow blogger & friend of mine, Alice Red to be exact, you can visit her website here http://www.alicered.co.uk. The title "Dupe Fails" was reached and I think it is very fitting.

 I wanted to compare two products from two brands I really like. The Nars Multiple which is probably the most famous 'all in one' products to date,  to it's intended dupe Makeup Revolution's The One Blush Stick.

 I love a good dupe (if you are not familiar with the term 'dupe' it basically describes a product that has many similarities to a more expensive / higher end version.

The 'dupe' potential for the Nars Multiple had such promise & Makeup Revolution are known for cosistenly bringing out bonafied versions of many of the iconic products out there. The whole dupe concept is amazing because for some of us the likes of Nars prices are outside the realms of what we would or could comfortably pay.

When The MUR One Sticks launched I was super excited to compare a few shades with the Nars Multiples but sadly my super excitement was short lived and I am going to share why!

The Nars Multiple has to be one of those revolutionary and iconic products that most beauty enthusiasts will already own or have tried at some point.  It is also one of those products that so far has not ben beat in its popularity or performance, so what is it about this product we all love so much?

The Multiple is basically an all in one multi-purpose stick that can be used in lots of varying ways. I have to admit I own about 8 or 9 of them and LOVE every single one without exception. They never disappoint and they really are just product 'goals' Nars really did poop a golden egg with this one.

Their uses are without limits as they can be used to contour, highlight, as an eyeshadow, on the lips and as a blush and that's before we even get to the body, sound pretty amazing? I think so too.

The shade selection is also nothing short of spectacular and their is a rich sea of colours and shades to explore. They also come in both shimmer and matte finishes so they're really is something for everyone despite your colour preference and skin tone.

Their performance is also amazing which is nothing less than you would expect from Nars, plus you are paying for it really, as a brand they are not the most affordable.
They are long wearing,super blendable (if that is even a word?) and they give a beautiful finish and sheen to your skin no matter where you apply it.  They are not greasy at all and have a lovely texture to them.  The colour pay off is true to what you see in the bullet so no smoke and mirrors.

After being a fan for some time I thought I would explore their dupes as the Nars Multiple's are not the cheapest in their category at £27 a pop. I am all for finding a cheaper alternatives even if it is a little inferior in it's performance as I believe in some cases  in order to save a little you have to compromise.

Let's talk packaging as you can see it is quite similar, they both have a chunky design, both black and both just having the font on the front. The Makeup Revolution has plastic exterior whereas the Nar's stick has that classic rubber outer shell. Neither packaging offends me but i do prefer the Nar's.  I do however think Makeup Revolution did a great job in subtly telling us which product they intended to mimmic.

Both of the sticks have a balm like texture, and you can see that they both look very smooth to the naked eye.

The texture is the best thing about the Nar's Mutiple because it is very smoothing and it has a rounded yet soft edge that makes it almost ball shaped so easy to apply. Despite it being super lightweight it's pigmentation packs a punch, the formula is smooth but not greasy and it really is a dream to apply and blend it can be done with either a brush or just as easily with the tips of your fingers.

The Makeup Revolution stick on the other hand is an entirely different story. Despite it looking quite smooth in the bullet it has quite a hard circumference and a harsh flat top. This may sound really technical but all I mean is that because it is very circular and flat with no real shape it is very difficult and uncomfortable to apply and as a result you get very uneven coverage.

It is also super greasy once applied and in some cases it actually can melt down the face and end up somewhere around you chin area. I have found this with a lot of their cream products / balms, they seem to have a very greasy texture to the touch and not the greatest staying power.

 The colours are also way too intense which is normally this is fine but because they do not blend out well or evenly they look very unnatural and it is a struggle to get them to settle in a flattering way.

When you swatch them side by side their consistencies look very similar, It is when you use them in their actual capacity that the Makeup Revolution falls significantly short.

I normally love a good dupe especially from the likes of Makeup Revolution but this one sadly was just awful and as I mentioned earlier when it comes to much cheaper alternatives (dupes) you have to expect & accept compromises but when all areas are considered this is not a dupe for me.
I think it's texture and the fact it doesn't blend well are the main offenders but honestly I struggle to find anything I do like about this product besides it's concept & packaging!

However all is not lost, I think I could get use out of it for theatrical face painting / halloween purposes so I will hold on to it for other ventures....every cloud hey?

Thanks for reading and big love guys!


  1. I wasn't found of The One Blush Stick either! However, the colour looks exactly like a Primark foundation stick I have that cost me £2. I'll bring it over next time I see you, it's probably nowhere near as good as your NARS one but it might be nice to play with! x


    1. yeah sounds good I have never tried Primark makeup so it should be interesting :) I do love the Nars one...tbh I am yet to try a mediocre product by them so far :) thanks for reading Alice xxx


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