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Monday, 30 May 2016

Boots Botanics Skincare Range

 My skin is a country mile away from 'perfect'. For as long as I can remember I have always had trouble with blemishes and in some cases I would go as far to say 'acne prone' was the only way I could describe my skin type. I always felt like eventually I would out-grow it and my skin would settle down but here I am about to reach my 30s (As id saying goodbye to my 20s isn't traumatic enough) and I am still getting hefty breakouts. Although I have learned how to prevent,manage and conceal them, from time to time I do still get the odd hormonal breakout. So I though I would share one of my favourite ways to banish them.


Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Highlights Of My Life


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Give This Bronzing BB Cream A 'Glow'....You Will Love It

Sorry it's been a couple of weeks guys, I have had a few family things to attend to so it has been a much busier month than normal, but I am back and wanted to share what I consider to be a 'life hack' when it comes to getting our base products summer ready.

As the warmer months approach so do all the Summer launches, coconut scented oils,cooling mists and of course self tans galore. I love self tanning as much as the next person (only EVER from a bottle) but I do often find it a struggle that with every transitional shade I seem to go to  I have to change up my foundation accordingly. This can become quite costly especially when it takes a few days for your skin to settle into your new shade (whether it is via traditional 'sun tanning' or 'fake tanning' I always seem to have a few days where my skin tone changes and then goes on to settle about 2-3 days later.

There are however a few things I try to do to make my everyday foundations work for me when I have a warmer complexion without having to go to the expense of replacing them completely.

For this I think liquid bronzers are the way forward, you can just add a few drops to your existing foundation and blend them together making a unique shade that is totally customisable to you're skin tone. I have tried quite a few liquid tanning drops / bronzers & one that I have been loving for a couple of years now is the Maybelline Dream Bronze BB...So here are my notes!


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Some Want's & Some NEEDS!

When it comes to shopping for homewares or cute things for my 2 children, it has to be said that I find the whole process so exciting. I am defiantly at that stage in my life (late 20s) where I am homemaking and I am far more stimulated by my surroundings rather than what I am actually wearing (which is something I thought would never happen)

I guess its all part of that dreaded process of 'growing up' sure it's nice to go out and splurge on that gorgeous Zara bag, but as I moved house recently, I have definitely been doing a Carrie Bradshaw and "cheating on fashion with furniture' and as much as I miss going out on epic nights out I have to admit I do not miss getting off my box,walking home or to the nearest kebab shop singing How Soon Is Now.... I am comfortable staying in.....for now.

Creating a space is something I really enjoy, I think all sorts of objects, candles & soft fabrics can create a real ambiance and make you feel more comfortable in your home, it's also a great way of putting your own stamp on your place.
Even though some are not 'essentials', the things I use to make my home more cosy and inviting have definitely helped in the making of a total home body. I love chilling at home in my cashmere socks, whilst wrapped in a blanket,binge watching Harry Potter (not fully grown up just yet)

So I have a few new additions, some want's and some needs, so I thought I would share them with you.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A Moment On The Lips.....And That's All You Get!

For the record I generally really Like L'Oreal products especially their bases and lipsticks, so this whole thing has been a bit of a shock to say the least.

When the new range launched (the Sculpting, Contouring / Ombre range) I was eager to just pop it in my basket without really giving it a second thought.  I assumed they would be a 'dead cert' and I just needed an occasion the colours called for.

I had a night out coming up and I wanted to rock my signature red lip, I remembered I had these so I applied my makeup and slapped on the shade Disturbia....and believe my I was disturbed!


Monday, 2 May 2016

Grease IS The Word

Whenever a product has 'Stobe' in the title I am basically interested, Makeup Revolution are one of the hottest brands around right now and when they launched their new strobe collection I knew I had to get my little  mitts on it.

I had high hopes for these balms and I wanted to see how they compared to other similar products in their category like the Becca Cream Highlighters and a similar launch from Illamasqua (the name of the product escapes me)

Makeup Revolution is obviously way more affordable than the above mentioned brands and I love a good 'dupe'. Normally MUR highlighter products are all kinds of awesome so the bar was set and I couldn't wait to slap them on

So let's discuss my findings some good, some bad!

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