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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A Moment On The Lips.....And That's All You Get!

For the record I generally really Like L'Oreal products especially their bases and lipsticks, so this whole thing has been a bit of a shock to say the least.

When the new range launched (the Sculpting, Contouring / Ombre range) I was eager to just pop it in my basket without really giving it a second thought.  I assumed they would be a 'dead cert' and I just needed an occasion the colours called for.

I had a night out coming up and I wanted to rock my signature red lip, I remembered I had these so I applied my makeup and slapped on the shade Disturbia....and believe my I was disturbed!

But I am getting ahead of myself, lets start from the aesthetics and talk packaging. I actually really like the look of these lipsticks which is why in my stupidity I went on to buy three (in my defence it was at the same time) They actually look really premium and look like sometime the likes of Nar's would produce, no real gripes with packaging!  It's actually quite sleek and I like the fact you can see the colour on the bottom, with the number and shade name displayed.

I have to say that when opened Disturbia (hot red colour) I was optimistic about it's strange sponge applicator but I did have my reservations. The top of the lipstick is actually a tapered sponge typical to one you would see on a powder, eyeshadow product. This applicator is one of the main offender's for me, it almost drags across the lips and is incredibly drying. It sucks up any natural moisture your lips have and your left with limp,feeble colour that just makes the lips look tired.

After my research I discovered that this sort of sponge application is meant to help you achieve an 'ombre' design when in fact all it helps you achieve is a mess. I can't imagine any circumstance  which this kind of applicator on a lip product would be a good idea unless it was a lip oil, or something intensely hydrating and sadly these are far,far from it.

I also found the lipstick's to lack any kind of instruction, I was baffled for days as to how to use the product or how you make more colour come out on to the sponge, (my research also led me to believe I was not the only one having this confussion) I went on to learn that the powdery lipstick was actually enclosed in its teeny tiny lid!!!! (no wonder they weren't shouting this from the roof tops!!) You also have to pump like an absolute maniac to get any product onto the applicator and when you do it's incredibly weak and feeble and the pigmentation is seriously lacking.

So let's go back a second...."the product is in the lid"???? Yes!!! and normally this wouldn't bother me accept the lid only constitutes about a third of the size of the entire product. So not only do you have to work incredibly hard to get any colour pay off at all, but your also expected to pay around £8 for a disgraceful amount of lipstick.

This is all such a shame because the colours are incredibly pretty once you have spent the time to get the snatched the trouble is that once applied they do not last very long, 2-3 hours wear tops!
However the colour you get on the skin is a lot more vibrant than it is on the lips. If these shades were to have come out in lip crayon form I would have been really inrested, but these just did not make the grade for me. The applicator is cumbersome and make it difficult to apply precisely, it also made the texture very dry and sucked out any hydration in your lips. The colours are really feeble and the pigmentation is seriously lacking, and the final nail in the coffin is that you get little or no bang for your buck!

I think L'Oreal dropped the ball on this one!


  1. Aww the colours look gorgeous, such a shame that the product sucks! x


    1. really is as they had so much promise haha x


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