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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Give This Bronzing BB Cream A 'Glow'....You Will Love It

Sorry it's been a couple of weeks guys, I have had a few family things to attend to so it has been a much busier month than normal, but I am back and wanted to share what I consider to be a 'life hack' when it comes to getting our base products summer ready.

As the warmer months approach so do all the Summer launches, coconut scented oils,cooling mists and of course self tans galore. I love self tanning as much as the next person (only EVER from a bottle) but I do often find it a struggle that with every transitional shade I seem to go to  I have to change up my foundation accordingly. This can become quite costly especially when it takes a few days for your skin to settle into your new shade (whether it is via traditional 'sun tanning' or 'fake tanning' I always seem to have a few days where my skin tone changes and then goes on to settle about 2-3 days later.

There are however a few things I try to do to make my everyday foundations work for me when I have a warmer complexion without having to go to the expense of replacing them completely.

For this I think liquid bronzers are the way forward, you can just add a few drops to your existing foundation and blend them together making a unique shade that is totally customisable to you're skin tone. I have tried quite a few liquid tanning drops / bronzers & one that I have been loving for a couple of years now is the Maybelline Dream Bronze BB...So here are my notes!

Now granted this is not strictly a 'liquid bronzer' but a BB cream but owing to the fact it's so dark I couldn't possibly use if for anything else. I also think makeup is all about having fun and having the courage to try products for different things and think a little outside the box....You may just discover something wonderful.

Traditionally it is an 8 in 1 'Sun Kissed Glow Perfector' that has quite frankly changed my life when it comes to warming up my bases. It also has SPF 25 which is great protection during the warmer days as you know you are getting that protection built into your base product. It is not sticky, heavy or uncomfortable which can be the case with some SPF products.

It is quite a thick texture, and even though it can look quite orange on first contact it does blend out quite softly, I would suggest starting of with a little and adding as you go to avoid going to dark and wasting product.

You can use this product in a few different ways, I sometimes use it as a bronzing primer or as I said mixed into my everyday foundations when I need it to be a few shades darker. It doesn't add an uncomfortable,heavy feel to my foundation, it just merges in and adds that much needed warmth to my paler foundations.

It is a really pleasant product to use and it can also be used a liquid bronzer, I basically pop it onto my cheeks and blend as I would a powder or cream bronzer and it gives a gorgeous glow that looks very natural, it is matte but gives a very nice healthy glow.

And if all this wasn't enough to tempt you it is of course drugstore meaning it's super affordable and accessible. It is also quite similar to the new Nars Laguna Liquid Bronze which is a very exciting product which I will be reviewing in the coming weeks so keep those eyes peeled for that.

But when it comes to the Dream BB, give it a 'glow'......I am sure you will love it. http://www.boots.com/en/Maybelline-Dream-Bronze-BB-cream-40g_1695284/



  1. Ooh that product looks perfect for you! I might try the lighter shade and use it as a cream bronzer x


    1. Yeah, give it a go and report back :) thanks for reading Alice x


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