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Monday, 2 May 2016

Grease IS The Word

Whenever a product has 'Stobe' in the title I am basically interested, Makeup Revolution are one of the hottest brands around right now and when they launched their new strobe collection I knew I had to get my little  mitts on it.

I had high hopes for these balms and I wanted to see how they compared to other similar products in their category like the Becca Cream Highlighters and a similar launch from Illamasqua (the name of the product escapes me)

Makeup Revolution is obviously way more affordable than the above mentioned brands and I love a good 'dupe'. Normally MUR highlighter products are all kinds of awesome so the bar was set and I couldn't wait to slap them on

So let's discuss my findings some good, some bad!

The packaging is really minimal and inoffensive, it's practical,light and feels nice and secure. The top is a  see through panel so you can actually see the balm in all it's glory and I have to say it's a super pretty sight. These are the kinds of products that most people will buy just because they look so gorgeous, sat shimmering on the shelf and at £5 a go who can blame us?

The formula feels nice to the touch and it is a lovely smooth cream-like balm, the product warms up very quickly on contact and the colours are just breathtaking. Even though the balm is very smooth it feels quite heavy when swatched even when you are very light-handed.

Euphoria is a gorgeous incandescent pink, it has pearly undertones with a slight hint of violet rose. It has a very shimmery finish and really does make the skin pop. This colour is great for warm and cool tones as it gives of  lot of light and it almost has a silvery vibe making it a very authentic strobe shade, although not the most natural.

Hypnotic is a pale green, champagne colour with a rich golden undertone, again this is an extremely shimmery and all its depths and dimensions most make it look almost celestial and psychedelic. I think a lot more people will get on with this shade as it's a little more subtle than the pink and can be used in more areas and looks a little more natural, it's also closer to more traditional highlight shades making it a little less daunting.

As you can see from the swatches there is a danger of the balm looking a little chalky and the colours are not forgiving as they do not blend as easily as I would like.
Even though they are soft when you touch them with fingertips when yo go on to dot it on to the face they almost drag meaning makeup underneath is disturbed.

Another area that lets them down (and this is the main issue I have) is that they feel ultra greasy (which is not a play on the name) They actually feel mega uncomfortable and as the day goes on they seem to melt and the product almost ends up around your chin which isn't the most flattering look.

I am so disappointed because these balms had so much promise and I do love the concept but sadly these did not do it for me. I will hang on to them and retry them in the colder months when they may have an easier time of staying put plus they are way to pretty to disregard just yet. Also if you have a dryer skin type the extra moisture may not bother you.

If I find another way to make them work, or I find another more effective use for them I will update you guys but in the meantime if you have any suggestions let me know.

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