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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Some Want's & Some NEEDS!

When it comes to shopping for homewares or cute things for my 2 children, it has to be said that I find the whole process so exciting. I am defiantly at that stage in my life (late 20s) where I am homemaking and I am far more stimulated by my surroundings rather than what I am actually wearing (which is something I thought would never happen)

I guess its all part of that dreaded process of 'growing up' sure it's nice to go out and splurge on that gorgeous Zara bag, but as I moved house recently, I have definitely been doing a Carrie Bradshaw and "cheating on fashion with furniture' and as much as I miss going out on epic nights out I have to admit I do not miss getting off my box,walking home or to the nearest kebab shop singing How Soon Is Now.... I am comfortable staying in.....for now.

Creating a space is something I really enjoy, I think all sorts of objects, candles & soft fabrics can create a real ambiance and make you feel more comfortable in your home, it's also a great way of putting your own stamp on your place.
Even though some are not 'essentials', the things I use to make my home more cosy and inviting have definitely helped in the making of a total home body. I love chilling at home in my cashmere socks, whilst wrapped in a blanket,binge watching Harry Potter (not fully grown up just yet)

So I have a few new additions, some want's and some needs, so I thought I would share them with you.

So lets start with the needs, I have been on the hunt for a storage solutions for my children toys for a while. We are really lucky for them to have a dedicated play room in the house where most of their toys are stored, but we were in need of something to put their most reached for toys in. I needed to be something practical where it can be wiped clean,it had to be reasonably stylish as it was going in the living room and it needed to be a decent size.

We opted to visit The Fine Company as we have had things from them before and we have always been happy with the quality and customer service we receive. They invited us to shop the site and choose items fitting with our home and lifestyle.

We chose the Lion Canvas Storage Hamper, this hamper was ideal for the toys that came with them from the play room to the living room, as it kept them all together and it meant for a clearer space when it was time to tidy up.

It is a fantastic size and can be cleaned easily, it is also very colourful making it an attractive piece to the children as well. It has handles for easy transportation and it feels very well made. It is also a lot less typical than alternatives on the high street, and its bucket design means it will fit loads in.

This Hamper is £45 currenly on the site and can be shopped here http://www.thefinecottoncompany.com/childrens-and-nursery-bedlinen-bathlinen-accessories/childrens-accessories-and-storage/Childrens-Storage-Hampers/lion-canvas-storage-hamper

I was also in desperate need for some new towels, mine at home had become a little coarse and the colours fading. This time I wanted to go with white as it had no chance of fading too obviously and they also go well with my white,grey & green bathroom.

I chose the Venice Bath Towels because they had fantastic reviews, soft and durable they had all the things I look for in a bath towel. We got 4 and I was so happy when they arrived because they were super soft, absorbent and a great price at £21.60 each.

The house I moved into has walk in wardrobes in each room and I wanted to use one of my mums old tricks and use a scented pillow to fill the space with a soft,fresh fragrance.  I noticed that they sold them on this site too so I chose one which is in the shape of a bunny, with a knitted exterior and a pink bow. Not only does my 3 year old daughter Layla think this is the cutest bunny ever (she's has named it Flopsy) But it is filled with lavender and makes her whole closet smell like a flower shop. Bargain at £17

Finally on to the 'wants'

I have been looking for keepsakes for my children for a while now, and I thought I would mimic my parents and give them a bear. I didn't want just any old bear, I wanted something a little more special and these are defiantly long term or keep sake type bears as they are a little on the pricey side. Made from Sheepskin they are the softest bears I have ever felt, they also come in a variety od shades, we opted for Honey & Latte in the large sizes and £38 each.

They are defiantly not an 'essential' but they are gorgeous additions to our family and I know they will be around for years to come.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some of my new homewares and thanks for reading.

 Products Mentioned in this post are PR Samples provided by The Fine Cotton Company.
 ALL recommendations & opinions are my own.


  1. Those teddy bears are beautiful, I'd love to get something like that for my future children. Fab post Natasha x


    1. they are so gorgeous, I gave one to Layla and one to my nephew, I am sure they will cherish them xx


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