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Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Highlights Of My Life

I defiantly have an 'unhealthy relationship' with highlighters, unhealthy by the way of feeling like I need to own every single one possible. I can't really remember when I fell so in love with them but aside from foundation they are my favourite product to swoon over and I love the way they can transform your complexion into something quite wonderful.

The market definitely caters for a highlight junkie like me, the shelves are stacked to the brim with glittering powders,creams,gels and pots (enough for people like me to get their shine fix) Both drugstore and highend have given us products that quite literally have become life changing and a monster category in the makeup community....well that and Kim K.

As my collection has grown to a pretty shameful size I can wholeheartedly say that I have tried most of the cult ones around. Despite new launches coming out on a monthly basis there is one highlight in particular that it yet to be 'out-dazzled' in it's category...so I'm going to give you the low-down!

You guys may already know that Topshop is one of my favourite places to shop but that's not just for fashion, it's for makeup too, I really think Topshop is overlooked in the makeup world and they have introduced me to some of my holy grail products that I would not be without (which for a beauty Youtuber is saying something)

One such product has to be their pot of whipped cream highlighters AKA 'Glow', these teeny yet powerful little post of wonder contain  the prettiest cream highlight ever to grace the shelves and their texture is just to die for.

Packaging wise they are super cute and come in these miniature pots, but don't be fooled by their modest size...these creams really do pack a punch.

There are two shades in the collection, the first and my firm,firm favourite is Polished which is a pure pearl colour. It has an iridescent shimmer to it and it looks almost galactic...kind of like swiping a bit of the milky way on your cheeks! I know that is a super weird way to describe it, but the finish is just magical and the colours and undertones work so well and are so beautiful they are almost psychedelic.

It is a frosty,cool highlight and it is very authentic, once applied you skin looks refreshed,awake & not to mention it gives you killer bone structure. It also reflects off the light beautifully and truly does make you 'glow'...did I mention I LOVE it??

It has a beautiful 'whipped' consistency and the texture feels like molten velvet, their is something so pleasing about the way this feels making it a pleasure to apply. It also blends like a dream, its very soft and forgiving so it seeps into your skin seamlessly and doesn't feel greasy or heavy.

The second colour I have is more like an antique oyster shade, it has champagne undertones and is more of a warm highlight. It has the same cashmere texture and like it's sister it is gorgeous to apply, it just really depends on the shade you prefer!

The swatches show that both colours are equally pigmented and the texture is the same, they both have a thick-ish feel but they don't feel heavy at all, its that perfect combination of great staying power / colour pay of and a light & comfortable finish.

I hope you guys decide to give these a try especially if like me you are a highlight enthusiast...they are just gorgeous.



  1. Oh my, these are just beautiful. I need the paler shade in my life. I actually haven't tried any of the Topshop makeup, you'll have to help me pick a few things to get started x


    1. ouuuh yeah!!! count me in, The lighter one would look STUNNING on you Alice x


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