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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My Favourite Red Lipsticks Compared

Anyone that knows me personally or watches my Youtube channel Natasha Summer knows that I am partial to a red lipstick.  I really love to wear both warm and cool tones and I just love expanding my ever-growing collection with gorgeous crimson shades.

I don't want to sound like a complete obsessive but I have to admit when it comes to my red lip products they constitute about half of my entire lipstick collection, although my stash is vaster than I care to admit I do have my firm favourites that I reach for time and time again.
 I thought it would be really interesting to try to narrow it down to my top six, explaining what I love about them so much in hopes it may inspire you to dare to rock a red this Summer.

Here are the six that made the cut!

Lets start with the best of the bunch, the creme de la creme of lipsticks (in both colour and formula) This lipstick really is the cats pyjamas and even though it is one that I discovered only this year, it has  made such a massive impression on me and quickly become my favourite lipstick of all time!

This is the Cailyn Pure Lust Extreme Matte Lip Tint, don't be fooled by the word 'tint' this baby is full on opaque colour that gives the most vibrant finish on the lips unlike any other. The formula is almost like a powder that smooths onto the lips and dries instantly. It dries in a gorgeous comfortable way and doesn't transfer, once it is on it ain't budging unless you use an oil based lipstick remover. This is great because with bold colours like this there is always that worry of the colour transferring onto teeth and clothes but this dries beautiful and leaves no trace but just beautiful colour pay off!

Every time I have worn this I have got nothing but compliments about it, the wand makes it easy to apply and I always get ultimate precision

Everything about this product is PERFECT, a term I do not use lightly and it really is a formula that makes me want to try every single colour in the range.

This is a snap of the gorgeous lipstick in action!!!!

The gorgeous,warm and Rich red of the Cailyn brings me along nicely to a colour that is similar but the formula is a little softer. It's a lot less bold but it's great for those days where I want great colour pay off but a lesser, more subtle impact.

 The Lord & Berry Lip Crayons are a set of beautifully coloured lipsticks in a convenient, travel friendly crayon form. They are super easy to use and give the lips tons of moisture whilst coating them in opaque colour.

The packaging is sleek and stylish and I love the fact that the lid is see through, the gorgeous bright bullet is visible and just adds to its overall aesthetic.

It has a very smooth texture and draws around the contours of the lips beautifully, the opacity is very very rich and the colour stays true for anything up to 8 hours before it stars to fade. Even when the colour does start to diminish it leaves a 'just bitten into a raspberry' tint to the lips and it really is just magical.

The price is great and the shade selection is also really vast...so a firm favourite of mine in the lip category and very much deserved!

Check out the picture below to see this little number strut it's stuff.

Let's stay on the lip pencil / crayon variety, the Maybelline Colour Drama pencil really does give more expensive versions like the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil a run for its money. It has a rich and smoothing texture that glides across the lips beautifully, this is something that a lip pencil can often struggle with and in some cases they can even drag across the lips, but this range is an actual pleasure to apply and the pay off is phenomenal. Great colour but also fantastic moisture and doesn't gather in the fine lines of your lips!!! what's not to love?

Obviously with it being Maybelline you can also bank on it being a great price which is also an added bonus. They have brought out a delightful selection of colours and even though it killed me to have to choose between them all (which I do own and have done a review / try on on my channel) the red shade is my ultimate favourite out of the collection.

The packaging is really nice and even though it bleeds down the pencil, it doesn't bleed on the lips, once it is slapped on it stays put for around 16 hours which is epic. It is very comfortable to wear and apply. You almost forget you are wearing a bold lip until your pucker ready pout catches your eye.

My attempt at posing may make me look a little serious but I really do love this lip pencil and as you can see the colour is to die for...This red lip really does slay the reddest of all the reds that ever were.

Oh Mac Lady Danger....will I ever tire of your gorgeous coral infused richness??? I think not, this is the oldest red in my collection and where my love of the shade began. Lady Danger really is a pure  lustrous red that has that fiery undertone giving it a warmth and a real sex appeal.

This is that kind of Jessica Rabbit red, the red your mum warned you about...the red that makes you make that leap from awkward teen to womanhood...and your ready to turn heads.

This flamboyant shade is not for the wall flower in the room nor for the faint hearted, it's for the woman who wants to leave her mark behind...both on the coffee mug and in the thoughts of whoever sees it! It also has a real vintage feel to it making it fantastic for all kinds of skin tones as it's that 1050s shade that every woman in that era seemed to pull off so effortlessly.

The formula sadly is not as good as the colour pay off, I find Mac lipstick to be a little drying if I am honest which is a shame. I do use a very moisturising lip oil about an hour before applying to give my lips a deep conditioning. If I do not have the time to do this then I simply don't choose this formula.

If there was ever time I was going to feel like a total badass it is when I wear this....Its pure I don't give a..... Lipstick and I love it.

Going to the more sophisticated red, the red that screams special night out! You know the one! the one where you want to make an impression of being less of a Samantha Jones but more Emily Blunt?!! this shade has you're back. The Charlotte Tilbury Red carpet Red is that classical red with a cherry / berry undertone.

Charlotte is renowned for 'packaging goals' so I will spare you on that, this lipstick from the Matte Revolution collection is in my favourites because its reliable, it suits my skin tone, the formula is lovely and it lasts really well especially in heat.

I guess that's where Charlotte's makeup expertise come in, a lot of her clients are 'papped' on a regular basis so her makeup can stand harsh lighting and carry you through clambering you way through a sweaty crowd and into your Range Rover. whilst still looking 'on fleek'....damn I want a White Evoke RR so bad! but back to the lipstick it's just all kinds of beautiful and is a safe choice for me when I want to look my best.

Feeling red carpet ready!!!! minus the Puma sweats!!!

Last but by no means least is the find of late last year that made such a lasting impression on me that it featured in my 2015 yearly favourites.

This little number by Hourglass has it all, the formula,opacity and beautiful packaging and staying power. The Opaque Rouge range is one of those launches where the creators must have been "yeah we shit a golden egg here'

Everything about it is high-end, the packaging and the formula both have this almost luxuriousness to it where you know it feels and look expensive. It almost has a powder to cream formula and its opaque colour is almost like having HD lips.

Lasts really well too, is comfortable to wear and easy to apply AKA the perfect lippy.

It has a gorgeous finish and it's bendable applicator gives very precise application...Hourglass have this annoying ability to make me want every single one of their products, I am yet to try something I do not love. Normally renowned for their powders they have become one of the high-end heavy weights in the beauty world -their greatness stretches to their lipsticks too!

I think whichever brand or shade you decide to try...you won't be disappointed.

Hope you guys enjoyed this and which of the lip looks below is your favourite?



  1. Oh my, I think I'm in love with the Charlotte Tilburry one, it's so beautiful and the tone is perfect! But they're all gorgeous x


    1. they are...love them all so much :) thanks for reading Alice x


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