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Sunday, 30 October 2016

A Day Out In Liverpool

A few days ago Andrew and I got a rare opportunity to go on a day out and explore Liverpool, as busy parents of two small children dates like this are few and far between. It was really strange to have only ourselves to think about and be completely on our own agenda, we were determined to make the most of it.

We decided to be all Parisian and travel by train plus we planned to have a couple of drinks so no driving for either of us today.  Liverpool Lime St Station ideally central to all of the places we wanted to go, it was also really picturesque and had an impressive amount of cultural buildings surrounding it. We couldn't help taking a few snaps looking all wistful and 'natural'

As we are both huge Beatles fans Liverpool seemed like the perfect destination for us, the city was rich in Beatles memorabilia and statues. It didn't take long for us to find the Eleanor Rigby bench which was actually quite eerie, a little like the song when you actually take the lyrics in.

There were so many bars, pubs and shops all proudly showcasing The Beatles hot spots. Their songs floated in the air as we walked from place to place, this was lovely for us as a lot of our wedding songs came from the Beatles back catalogue.  Whilst wondering about you could really feel a sense of pride that the people had, after all if the worlds most iconic band was from your city I'm sure you would shout it from the roof tops too.

There were so many people having photos in famous areas where The Beatle's used to hang out, we even stumbled across a couple of tours taking place.....The city was literally buzzing with excitement even on a rainy Thursday.

Even though there are many famous musicians that have played in the same bars you could see that Liverpool's heart belonged to to the fab four.

But this day wasn't all about The Beatle's,  as Liverpool is one of my husband's favourite cities we also visited the Albert Dock and also the Tate. The art there although very modern wasn't my cup of tea, it was very futuristic and in some cases a little out of the grasps of my imagination. We saw the famous Tracy Emeson 'My Bed' art which although is an interesting concept looked a little grim for me, I think the condoms, blood stained underwear & Mcdonald's wrappers finished me off. 

After watching the dancing robots and having a good look around we left the Tate and walked all around the dock, it was full of souvenir shops and fish and chip takeaways. It was almost like being on a little holiday as there were sticks of rock and doughnut stands everywhere. 

Before heading for lunch we decided to stop for a coffee, although we both ended up having a hot chocolate. It was much needed by that point as the weather was very autumnal and had got quite chilly with us being so close to the water. 

After getting a few pictures we went to find a place to eat, because it was in a very busy, touristy area we found a lot of places had quite a wait but we did find a fantastic burger joint.

We also wanted to visit a gallery and a few shops too so we headed into the centre. We came across a gallery in the Metquater called Wall To Wall it that had some of the best art & prints I have ever seen.

We actually contemplated buying the David Bowie Picture but it was quite large and I was imagining the devastation I would feel if the children pulled the crystals off after me paying almost £2000 for it, so we have out it on the back burner until they are a little older

We had such a lovely day and it may seem corny but it was lovely to be able to stroll around at our own leisure holding hands whilst having nothing else to do but enjoy each others company, I think as much as we love being parents to Harrison and Layla it is something we need to make time for more often.

This trip was a great opportunity for us to recharge and reconnect and we had such a lovely time. I did film a lot of the day too which you can watch below, this one of the first proper 'vlogs' I have ever done so any comments or feedback on the video is appreciated. 


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