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Friday, 14 October 2016

I Have Business Cards

Youtube started off very much as a hobby for me, I was off work caring for my two children and I wanted to keep my mind active. I decided one wet afternoon to start my own channel, it was a very random decision because I didn't really watch too many channels myself (I still don't) I literally subscribe to around 30 people who I watch actively, in the grand scheme of Youtube this isn't really that many.

Natasha Summer started in 2011 and I began to create consistent content in 2013. After gathering a small but engaged following I am now able to work doing what I love from home.

I have got to a place where I am some how averaging around 50,000 views a month which is truly mind blowing.....for me that is. I decided that now I am getting more views and a few more subscribers that I should have a bit of a rebrand.

I bought a domain which turned out to be a lot less complicated than it sounds, basically I bought the rights to my blog name and website handle which just looks so much more professional now.

As I have started to network a lot more this year and work with brands both sponsored and unsponsored, it meant that I get invited to the occasional event, when I have been to a couple of events in the past I end up scribbling my channel name down which I always felt didn't seem that great. I wanted something more professional and physical rather than my crappy handwriting on the back of a Nandos receipt so I started to hunt for some business cards.

It was really important for me to find cards that were not too clinical, I wanted them to be relaxed but professional & stylish. They also had to fit in well with my existing branding which is very minimal, I did not take me long to stumble across the brand Moo. It's worth noting before we get into it that Moo has not sponsored this post and I paid for the cards myself as a regular customer.

Moo for me seemed perfect for a few reasons, the site was easy to navigate and it offered a variety business cards. I liked that you could customise every last detail of your cards from the shape,thickness,font,edges and the material they are printed on.

As I wanted my cards to be very minimal and simple they took around an hour to design and the whole process was very stress-free and easy.

I opted for a glossy finish with rounded edges, I think the finish adds a little more texture and the edges a little more unique than the bog standard rectangle shape.
I also chose 6 different designs (different text) but you can choose as many varying designs as you like.

The font on the back of the cards was the same, basically stating my name,what I do and all of my contact & social media information. Again I didn't opt for anything too funky when it came to font, i wanted it to classic and simple.

Then each card had a different slogan on, all relevant to me and my branding, as I mentioned I chose 6 different slogans which you can see below...My person favourite is "Keep This Card, I'm About To Go Viral.....any day now....

I thought that having the different designs would mean that I can select a more appropriate one for each type of event and situation, I also think some of them are quite comical and would be more likely to stick in people's minds.

Moo also provide you with a really handy,well made storage box to keep your cards in for no extra cost. This is really handy for keeping them in great condition as you are not putting them in random places and getting them bent out of shape.

I am throughly impressed with the quality of the cards considering how affordable they are. They were easy and fun to make, they look great and I will defiantly be returning to Moo when I need more.


THIS IS NOT A Sponsored Post

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