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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Makeover At Charlotte Tilbury

Something happened a few days ago that felt like dream come true, I was invited by the PR at Selfridges Department Store to go and have a full makeover at Charlotte Tilbury. It was great because no only did I get to completely indulge but I also got to see existing and upcoming launches.

When the email dropped into my inbox I literally had to pinch myself, I love Charlotte and I am a bonafied lover of her and her products. Charlotte is the go-to makeup artist in the celebrity world and is in such high demand that you need to book her around 2 years in advance.  Charlotte has worked with so many of the rich and famous over the years, chief among them Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Amal Clooney and right now Charlotte seems to be on call for Blake Lively as her on board makeup artist.

Her range has taken the beauty community by storm and has been so popular ever since it launched. Expert in both makeup and skincare Charlotte has developed her range with her own expertise and experience in mind.

I headed to the event with my friend Alice who is also a photographer, she managed to get some amazing shots and video footage of the day.

The appointment was at 1pm so we had just enough time to grab a quick coffee before hand, it was also a great time to brief Alice on the kind of shots I wanted to make sure creatively we were on the same page.

Alice's services are for hire so if you would like to book her you can check her out  here   I have worked with her on a couple of occasions, she is very professional but also very relaxed and accommodating. Being a blogger herself she 'gets' then kind of images and videography that's required to keep up with the amazing standard that is out there. Even though I have not paid for Alice's services, nor has she asked me to endorse them I thought I would mention in case anyone is looking for a accomplished photographer of the highest standard.

Once there I was greeted by my makeup artist Amy Campbelle, we talked about the optional
looks she could create. It was so interesting seeing all of the different styles for both day and night 
and talking about what would suit me and my skin-tone. Amy mentioned that the looks were easy to transition from desk, to dinner, to night out making them very versatile and ideal for people who led a very busy but social lifestyle.

I think the mini pre-makeup consultation will help people both who are unsure and want a nudge in the right direction or for people who have specific ideas to let their artist know so they can create the desired look.

It didn't take me long to choose the Dolce Vita, which is a warm, sultry look consisting of browns, golds and a whole lot of shimmer. We chose a complimenting lip colour, I took a seat and the magic began.

Amy gathered all of the things needed to create this look, even though there were lots of products she arranged them beautifully and mentioned how important it was to keep her work station tidy as it allows her to be more efficient and it also creates a pleasant surrounding for the client. The attention to detail was gorgeous and it made the experience feel so luxurious.

Whilst Amy applied each product she went into great detail on what she was using, the reasons why, the ingredients and so on. You could really tell that she had nothing but pure love & pride for the brand, she was also very knowledgeable when it came to Charlotte & her brand.

Amy removed the makeup I was wearing and gave my skin a complete cleanse with a combination of the Multi-Miracle Glow Balm and the Take It All Off Remover. My skin immediately felt softer, more supple and refreshed. Magic Cream was then applied which Amy explained is the core product of the entire collection, it is a product that Charlotte will not start any makeup look without.

The way Amy used the products felt like a mini facial and she had a very specific technique of application which was so impressive not to mention effective, my skin looked years younger.
When the skincare element was complete my skin felt so replenished and literally glowed, I had never seen my skin looking as healthy and I couldn't believe the difference it all made  to how my complexion looked & felt.

The makeup application began with the Wonderglow Primer which is actually a product I love and have been using for a few years.

Once the primer was applied Amy used the Light Wonder Foundation in the shade 7, which is another staple of mine and a foundation I use on the regular.  It gives a prefect, healthy glow and is ideal for all skin types.

The Retoucher Concealer was then used to conceal and brighten up dull areas of the skin. Amy then began to set the base with another of my favourite products the Airbrush Flawless Finish Micropowder which balances the skin, minimises pores and almost acts like a soft focus filter perfecting the skin.

Amy decided to begin on the eyes and come back to the contouring later. The Eyes To Mesmerise cream shadow was then used as a base all over my lids to act as a primer and to also make they shadow colours pop.

Using the  Dolce Vita quad Amy created the most beautiful and sparkly eye that was just awe-inspiring...my eyes have never look so good and I doubt they will again as her skills were mind-blowing.

My eyes were then finely lined using a combination of the Feline Flick & Kohol liners, this really framed my eyes beautifully and again made the whites of my eyes pop.  The Full Fat Lashes  was used and it gave me both volume and length without looking like I was wearing falsies which I always appreciate.

Then a quick brush through my brows with the Brow Lift and the eyes were complete.
I think another think I learned from this whole experience is that I seriously need to work on my 'resting bitch face' as it's not the friendliest of looks but I can promise you I was having the time of my life being pampered.

The contouring began with the iconic Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette, it gave gorgeous but soft definition that was built up to be very sculpted and defined. I then had Cheek To Chic  blush applied to make my cheeks look rosy and plump.

Finally Bond Girl lipstick was added to finish the look beautifully, I was blown away by the end result.

It all looked stunning, I think Amy did an amazing job creating this look and I think these kind of services really help you to see what makeup (in the right hands) can do.

I came away feeling very educated and I can't wait to try and recreate this look for myself, it didn't look to complicated, but Amy suggested checking out The Charlotte Tilbury Youtube Channel for detailed video tutorials. 

The eyes were by far my favourite part of the look, I absolutely loved how smoke yet sparkly they were. This kind of look is ideal for the up coming festive season.

Thanks so much to Alice for helping me to capture the day through these lovely pictures, couldn't have done it without you pal! Also big thanks to Emma (PR) for arranging such an awesome day for me.

This service would normally cost £35 but you would get that back redeemable against products so I think it is a fantastic way to try Charlotte's range. I also think this would make a fantastic gift idea for anyone who loves makeup, appreciates luxury skincare and is in need of a little sparkle.


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I Was Gifted A Full Makeover


  1. Aww thank you for the kind words, Natasha! So glad you like the photos. And as I said on the day... your makeup is gorgeous! x


    1. your welcome Alice, it was such a fun day, and YES the makeup looked awesome. x


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