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Friday, 25 November 2016

Mulled Wine, A Bratwurst & Nutella Waffles

Guys.... I know it has been a while since my last post but as you can see I have been getting my Christmas on and consuming far too many minced pies & mulled wine for my own good. I promise that it has not all been fun and games, I have actually been preparing for my first ever 'Vlogmas' This is basically Youtube speak for filming & uploading content throughout the whole month of December.

Instead of doing the typical follow me round type videos ( of which there will be a few) I thought I would add my own spin on Vlogmas and offer a variety of content mixing between my regular videos  and a few vlogs thrown in hence all my slacking.... I mean Christmas research.

All the videos will have some kind of festive theme which is in keeping with the season for example, a nice christmassy background, relevant topics like Favourite Perfumes For Winter, Christmas Party Makeup Look etc so all very relevant to the time of year.

I do have a few fun things planned for December so I will of course take you along for the ride, make sure you don't miss out on my first Vlogmas by visiting my channel and subscribing. It's free and I will be uploading every day at 6pm from the 1st until the 25th of December.

So now all of the admin and shameful self promo is out of the way I will to tell you all about my recent venture out to the Manchester Christmas Markets, this is going to be a ridiculously festive post so grab a hot chocolate, turn on the fairy lights and let's get cracking.

Myself and the husband decided quite spontaneously that we wanted to take a trip to the Xmas markets, we decided it would be a good time because as soon as December hits it gets so busy you would assume they were giving away golden, chocolate dipped iPads!

We were right, it made all the difference and going that week or so earlier made it so that we were able to walk through and visit each stand in comfort. The weather also played ball and was sunny but cool and crisp...you could say the conditions we're perfect.

As the strong scent of mulled wine filled the air it would have been rude not to indulge in one or two. There were so many different flavours to choose from but we played it safe and oped for a traditional festive spiced blend. I have to say it had a kick to it, after a few sips I could feel myself warming up which added to the excitement that Christmas is mere moments away.

We loved standing and chatting whilst enjoying our drinks and there was such a buzz about the place, everyone looked so happy and full of Christmas spirit. We also took Layla who happily say sipping on a hot chocolate.

The markets were so beautifully decorated and boasted an impressive selection of food, fresh produce and decorations, my favourite amongst them being these festive fresh berry wreaths.

After a good couple of hours wandering around the scent of all the amazing cuisine was all too much and food was the only thing we could think about. Layla wanted pizza which she devoured in-between cheeky grins,  but there was only one food that Andrew and I had on our minds and that was the epic Bratwurst.

Don't get me wrong the selection of pizza was impressive but the heart wants what the heart wants, so we made our way over to sausage stand.

We ordered two large ones and trust me when I say that they didn't disappoint nor were they for the faint hearted, if only I could have one right now....

The throwback of scents from the sausages sat merrily sizzling away was seriously the things all  good dreams were made of. They also offered a variety of spice combinations too, again we played it safe and went for the traditional flavour with a little obligatory ketchup and mustard on top.

Trust me it did not disappoint, once consumed we decided to have another wander around, the markets are stretched over 8-10 different sites all within walking distance from each other so there was so much to see, you could literally make a full day and evening out of it easily.

Excitement and Christmas Music filled the air and we heard an amazing rendition of Feliz Navidad, after that I felt  like my life was made....literally!

We then met up with my sister Zeinah and her family, also by then my mum had met us so it really was a family affair. As we don't get together as much as we would like, I really appreciated the time with my family, it's just a shame my brother Samir and Sister Hannah couldn't make it.

I don't want to give too much away and as I did film the entire day,  I will be putting up a video up so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that.

It was such a lovely atmosphere and one that will turn even The Grinch into a bonafied Christmas lover. For now all I will say is that if you are in the area I would definitely recommend stopping by especially if like me your a fan of Bratwurst , Pizza, Mulled Wine and Nutella Waffles


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