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Friday, 13 January 2017

Layla Turns 4

The 12th of January is a very special day for our family and for one little girl in particular, four years ago at 37 weeks pregnant I had early contractions which lead to me giving birth to my beautiful daughter Layla Rose. Our little love arrived a little earlier than planned but I was one day off  'term' and had a smooth birth with no complications, so we were able to go home the next day.

Layla is our second child and we have no plans to have any more, having our son Harrison first meant that we now have one of each which is what we have both always wished for. Even though I love coming from a big Arabic & English family having a smaller immediate unit really appealed to us.

Like every year we wanted this birthday to be special, this is the first year where Layla has really grasped the concept of her birthday and what it means, the excitement was building for weeks before.

Andrew & I decided because her birthday fell mid week that we would take her bowling and then for lunch. Bowling is something we do not get to do as a family very often because our son Harrison has Autism so the bowling alley can be a little too much for him at times.

The 11th of Jan (day before) basically consisted of two school runs and then a stop of at M&S & Sainsbury's to get party supplies and a giant helium balloon number 4 that wouldn't fit into the boot of my Micra.

Once the supplies were gathered it was a quick dash back to get her mountain of presents wrapped. The number 4 balloon turned out to be her favourite thing meaning I could have saved myself a small fortune and bought her a helium army of balloons from 1-10- she would have been equally as impressed for sure.

The 12th arrived and like a little jumping bean Layla burst into our room declaring it was her special day.

Layla was a very lucky girl this year and had lots of lovely gifts from family and friends including a Baby Annabelle doll & a new TV for her bedroom.

This was the first year that Layla paid real care and attention to her gifts and asked who each one was from so we could say thank you.

After presents it was off to the bowling alley where I performed particularly badly, I think next time I definitely need to have the barriers up as even Layla beat my score.....I say I let her win because it was her birthday but that's a catastrophic lie, I just have no sense of aim, technique or direction.

After bowling we went for a quick bite to eat at Frankie & Benny's. Our waitress was particularly nice, even bringing Layla a complementary birthday sundae with sparklers and sprinkles I love tipping waitresses' that go a little above and beyond, especially when it comes to making a child's dining experience a positive one.

We had such a lovely day which followed with lots of cake and family coming over, more importantly my little Layla had an absolute ball

Happy Birthday Princess!


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