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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Impromptu Manchester Photoshoot

Impromptu photoshoots have to be a massive perk of having a photographer as a close friend and I am defiantly a keen and confident amateur. On this particular Saturday Alice  and I decided to hit the shops for some much needed, caffeine laced catch-up time.

Of course our cameras came along for the ride and what was supposed to be a shopping day turned into a mini photoshoot and we had an absolute blast.

We both wanted some very specific shots for our websites. Alice and I have taken pictures and filmed videos for each other before so it is something we are very comfortable with,  it helps that we have very similar styles.

I  have realised this year that I am very passionate about photography and have become a lot more accomplished taking photos both for myself and others, even those with more technical and specific requirements.

Photography is something I may look into in future and offer on a freelance basis which is a very exciting prospect for me. I love seeing photos come to life and even though I only very lightly edit photos, for instance to brighten up darker areas I always really enjoy the process and seeing how happy people are with the results.

 Selection of pictures I took for Alice's website

 I absolutely love how they turned out, Alice was very easy to photograph and her hair looked amazing against the gloomy backdrop.

 I wanted some everyday outfit shots along with video footage for some upcoming youtube projects.  The stores lit up and made cool back drops which suited the style I was trying to achieve.

I wanted the photos to really reflect my personal style which is very casual, simple with an occasional grungy edge, today I was channeling my inner teenage self with a distressed Topshop Band Tee, Asos Parker, Topshop Joni Jeans, Fiorelli Backpack and my Converse.

As it was a casual 'shopping day' I wanted to be comfortable and wear things that I could just peel off in the inevitable multiple changing room visits.

We decided to take some pictures at New Cathedral Street which was quite scary as it was a busy Saturday but everyone was so polite and even waiting before walking passed.

The business of the setting really added a cool urban vibe to the pictures. Because of my lens  (Sigma 30mm 1.4)  the busy background was gently blurred and it almost looked like time had stood still.

Not only did I love the photos Alice produced, I realised how much passion I have for photo taking. I always neglected my photos to concentrate of my videography but I really loved the process and it rekindled my passion for photo taking.

This is the  camera  I use if it is of interest.


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  1. Thank you for your lovely photographs! I'm so excited to see what you do with photography in the future xx



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