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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

I Cut My Hair Short

Guys hell has actually frozen over as I have officially grown some balls and cut my hair short, which is something I have wanted to do for a long, long time. I have always felt like a shorter do would suit me but as my long, thick hair became part of my signature style or 'branding' it was hard to take the leap and make such a drastic change.

After years of procrastination I finally went to Instagram and asked for your opinions and lots of you said "girl you would rock a messy bob" I didn't need much encouragement and I booked an appointment for later that day.

I went to a local Jo Ferns  salon in my town and for once I actually enjoyed the salon experience which never normally happens to me. I think after years of visiting salons and watching stylists struggle with my uniquely thick hair (their words not mine) I gave up and just trimmed and thinned it myself. I can honestly say it has been years and years since I left a salon and thought I actually love it and they gave me exactly what I had asked for.

I also took full advantage of the fact I could have a free consultation before my appointment and this is something I would strongly suggest you do, especially if you want to go for a more drastic style, or something a lot different to what you currently have. The main reasons I recommend this are because I think a lot of styles take a lot more time to maintain and care for than others, and it's important that the style you have chosen suits not only your hair type and is achievable but that it also suits your face shape and lifestyle, there is no point going for a style you love at the salon but will never be able to replicate at home.

My stylist instantly said a bob would suit me because I had a narrow face with high check bones (again her words not mine) I was reluctant in the past because I thought shorter hair might make my face look fuller but it hasn't at all.

Following my consultation we decided a 'messy bob' was the way forward for me, not only would it relieve my neck from the sheer weight and volume of my hair, but it also fits into my busy lifestyle. Even though I do spend more time styling it than I did before,  I actually enjoy it because I feel like it actually has a style and is not just a mound of curls and random waves.

Oh my days I can't tell you how much lighter it was, I seriously felt like I could float off. Before my trim my hair sat just below my breasts and now it is just above my collar bone which is such a massive, massive difference.

I wanted to maintain my 'bed head' kind of style and this cut is a lot more intentional and is an organised chaos, it feels so much healthier and full of life and it even shines which is a miracle.

Fun fact I weighed myself before and after my cut I weighed 3lb less.....madness.

Not only did we dramatically reduce the length, I also had a lot of textured layers put in and a lot of the weight taken out. This makes my hair so much easier to wash and style and I actually look forward to messing it up with a good salt spray after washing.

I think for me the biggest change has been the amount of effort I now have to put in, before I washed my hair once a week to every ten days where as now I wash it two to three times a week because I am using more products to style it.

I still have my signature side parting, I feel like this kind of parting suits my face shape and was one thing I was keen to keep. The only thing I have done since leaving the salon is dye my hair. I have dyed it my natural colour so nothing too drastic, I just wanted to cover my greys which seem to be arriving a lot sooner than I would like. I used the L'Oreal Preference Infinia  and I would highly recommend it, although I have to say it smells a little funky.

I absolutely love my new hair and can't wait to rock it throughout the warmer months. If you would to hear me talk about my new mop at length or would like to know what products I have been using to wash and style it, you can watch my video  here.

For those wondering I use the Fudge Sea Salt Spray to style, the Herbal Essence Detox Shampoo  & Conditioner  to clarify and a Round Brush when I want to blow dry.

If any of you have any recommendations that will help give me a 'cool bed head vibe' like salt sprays and putties, please comment and let me know. Also let me know what you think about my new do.

I hope this post  has given you some shorter hair  inspo  and the courage to just go for it and have they style you want.

Big Love


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