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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Getting Down To The Final 4 Of Feelunique's Top Vlogger Competition

Back in May I entered a competition hosted by Feelunique! They were searching for Britain's next undiscovered beauty talent to become Tomorrows Top Vlogger. Normally I am not one for entering competitions but something inside told me to just go for it and I am so glad I did as I got to the final and I couldn't be prouder of my little self.

Throughout the whole process my cynical side didn't allow myself to think in my wildest dreams that I would come as far as I did,  that being one of the headliners and final four. The whole experience has just been a crazy and one of the highlights of my content creating career..... but let me start from the beginning

The competition consisted of three stages, I'm going tell you about each stage and the experience I had but before I do I wanted to mention the epic prize and who would be judging all of the entries at each stage.

Winner's Prize
A Years Contract On The Feelunique Beauty Ambassador Programme
Which basically means a year of collaborations, event coverage, creating editorial content and all of the fun things that come with such a role.
To Lanuch Your Own Beauty Box 
This was a prize that really excited me as I would have loved to create something that I could really contribute to by sharing all of my favourite and must have beauty essentials.
A Makeup Masterclass With Daniel Sandler
Again this was part of the prize that really appealed to me as I love Daniel's products and it would have been lovely to get some official direction when it comes to makeup application.
£1000 Worth Of Camera Equipment
£1000 Feelunique Gift Credit.

Runner Up Prize
£250 Feelunique Gift Credit

So as you can see all very epic and I really wanted to try and get as far as I possibly could in the contest.

 The competition was being judged by Daniel Sandler himself along with  Megan Gunn who is Feelunique's Social Media Manager and finally Em Ford from the Youtube channel My Pale Skin. So three very relevant people when it comes to the whole blogging, makeup & social media sphere, it was so lovely to meet and work with them. They were all so lovely, positive and encouraging to me and gave me such valuable advice for growing my channel and brand. Daniel told me he loved me and my videos which basically made my life.....I won there and then to be honest! But I am getting ahead of myself.

Stage One
We were asked to create a one minute video talking about our favourite beauty product, which had to be uploaded either to Instagram or Facebook. I did my video on the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray which is my favourite haircare essential. I talked about why I loved it and how I used it which was quite standard for me and in line with my regular content. My entry was successful in getting to stage two which absolutely delighted me as I really was not expecting to even be noticed but again I was very comfortable with the task which helped.

Stage Two 
30 people were then selected to go on to receive Feelunique's Best Of Beauty Box which was so exciting because we were the first people in the world to see it. The idea behind the box was to provide people with makeup that was universal so everyone could use it. We were expected to make a two minute video talking about the box, the idea behind it and of course the products. We were given full creative control which was lovely and I saw some truly awesome entries, all with very different styles ranging from lookbooks to full on animations.

Because the standard was so high I really didn't expect to get much further but a couple of days later I was emailed by Meg herself to let me know I had been selected as a finalist and had made the final 4. After literally dropping my cup of tea into my lap I ran to tell the husband who was just as thrilled as me....London here I come baby!!!

Stage Three
This was where things really started to get super exciting, we were all invited to film a top studio in London and create a festival themed makeup look with an actual film crew. It was literally one of the most amazing things I have ever done. All of the people involved were lovely and even though I was insanely nervous they made me feel really comfortable and at home so I managed to film and submit my final entry which I was so happy and proud of.

The winner was going to be announced live at the final event which was a festival which was the perfect nod to the campaign. Of course I took Andrew and Feelunique even sorted his travel out which was so, so lovely of them....we felt very VIP with our little lanyards.

The Festival and it did not disappoint, it took place at London's Sky Loft and it had all been decorated and looked totally amazing with fresh flowers and fairy lights twinkling everywhere. There was also lots to do, there was a floral crown booth, hair braiding with Bumble & Bumble, a nail station, a photo booth and the floral laced cocktails were on tap.

The catering was lovely too, my only regret was not getting to try one of the mini burgers however I more than made up for it with fresh, fluffy candy floss.
There was also a full wall of fresh flowers which made a perfect backdrop for selfies...it was basically kitted out to be a blogger's dream.

All of our videos were screened and they all looked amazing, everyone did such a fantastic job but it was Cat Shanu who won the overall prize and title of Top Vlogger.

We were then all presented with the most gorgeous flowers from Rebel Rebel Hackney, I must have had at least ten people ask me where they were from on the journey back to Manchester. Andrew kept getting admiring glances on the tube.....people obviously thought he had given them to me and he wasn't complaining!

Feelunique have been so, so generous throughout this whole campaign covering all of our travel and even provided us with two opportunities to shop the site with no budget which was both amazing and dangerous of them...... expect hauls coming your way soon!  If that wasn't enough we got to keep two sets of all the products we chose, I was on cloud 9 and again shows just how kind they have been throughout! There were also posters of the final four everywhere, it was really surreal to see my face plastered all around the walls, the cherry on the cake was the fact they gave us our poster to take home. Andy drove straight to Ikea to get a frame and we have hanging in our hall way......It really channels a MTV Cribs vibe! and I am super proud of it.

Even though I didn't win the overall competition or title of Top Vlogger,  I was super thrilled to get as far as I did. Feelunique have also said that they will be collaborating with all four of us going forward which is amazing and does go to show that in the end hard work really does pay off, you just have to have faith and know what is meant for you will not blow by you.

I couldn't be happier for Cat and I am super proud of my fellow finalists Katie & Charlotte, it's lovely because I have made some amazing friends along this journey and for that I will be forever grateful.


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