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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Helping Little Ones Take Supplements and Medicines | MED EASY

I am sure fellow parents or caregivers will agree that getting any kind of medicine, vitamin or supplements down your child can prove to be mission impossible, not to mention one of the most emotional turmoils a parent can face...unless of course, you have been super lucky :) Medicine taking was an area we really struggled with especially when it came to our son Harrison (8) who is diagnosed with Autism. Harrison has complex sensory needs,  this can mean textures, certain colours and strong tastes can be a struggle so medicine taking has never been easy, however, we are lucky in that he takes his daily vitamin capsules with ease. We thought it would be much easier with our daughter Layla (5) but even with her, it has not been without its challenges.

I remember one year Layla came down with Lympthadinitus which meant she needed a strong course of antibiotics, her outright refusal to take them ultimately meant that she was admitted to hospital for almost a week. The medicine had to be administered via a drip in her hand which was not only painful but it was one of the scariest times in both of our lives, especially as the infection almost went on to require surgery!  Layla being 3 at the time didn't understand the importance of why she needed to take her medicine and there was nothing I could do to convince her, believe me when I say I tried every trick in the book, explaining to her, bribery, trying to force it down, distraction... nothing worked so hospital really was the final resort.
Since this occurrence, Layla has developed a mild anxiety around taking any kind of medicine or daily supplement, she automatically thinks she will end up on a drip in hospital and it causes a lot of unnecessary stress and tears.

Thankfully, being in the trenches and persevering over the past 2 years meant it has got easier, as her awareness has grown she understands that to avoid what happened last time she needs to take her medicine when required...Now I am pleased to report that minimal bribery is required for her to take any medicine she is prescribed...Yay!

Even though Layla and Harrison are both pretty good eaters and get the majority of essential nutrients and vitamins from their balanced diets, I wanted to start introducing Layla to daily supplements to make sure she is getting everything she needs. Because she is only used to fluids the transition from liquid to capsule hasn't been the smoothest and I was really struggling to get her to take her supplements without a lot of resistance.  After months of tears and tantrums, I really didn't know if I had it in me to go into battle again after finally getting her to cooperate with her medicine so I wanted to find something to help.

I searched high and low for any remedies, therapies, courses or some kind of magic spell that could make the whole situation easier but I was left frustrated and I couldn't really find anything I felt suited us as a family. I spoke to the Drs and they just kept saying "it will come in time" but I really wanted to take control of the situation and for her to start benefiting from daily vitamins now while her brain, bones and immune system are still developing, so I kept up my search and finally came across Med Easy.

Not just a clever play on words, Med Easy really is a genius product, basically, it is a pleasant tasting liquid you put on a spoon with any capsule to make it go down easier. I am sure I am not alone in giving my kids a Fruit Pastel or a square of Milky Bar along with their vitamins, or Calpol in their juice or milk, in doing so I am sure I was just diluting the Calpol and not making it as effective. Med Easy doesn't interfere with any medicine or vitamin at all...It's purely there to make it go down easier and as they say "a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down"

Med-Easy is not suitable for anyone under 2 years of age and it states that if you're pregnant you must get the OK from your GP before using. It is also not to be used with effervescent tablets and should be avoided by those who have "severe swallowing problems" Please make sure the liquid is suitable for using to ensure your families safety.

Image Above Without Med Easy On Spoon

The instructions direct you to put 10ml on the spoon along with the tablet and swallow as you would with water...super easy.

Image Above With Med Easy On Spoon

 I have to admit I did have my reservations at first because the packaging looked very medicinal so in my mind, it's likely a child would just think you were giving them a double dose of medicine. Because of this, I do think the packaging could use a little work to make it a little more 'kid friendly'

 I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, it was really pleasant and not sickly sweet as you would imagine something like this to be. It was fruity with a hint of sweetness and I think even the fussiest of eaters would enjoy the taste as there was nothing offensive about it.

The following day or so I decided to try Layla on it and to make it look a little more interesting I decorated the bottle with tinfoil and sequins. We called it the 'Marzi Potion' as according to Layla it tasted of marzipan.

 I already had daily supplements in that she had refused so I told Layla that it was the magic potion sent from the food fairies to make any vitamin taste nice. I thought she would see straight through it but to my complete suprise she couldn't wait to try it...I literally couldn't believe my eyes.

The first run was a sucess and she even asked if she could have two! I was so shocked that I called her daddy at work to share the good news!

We also put a big golden star on her reward chart to show her that we were super proud of how she too her vitamin...she was thrilled!

The second day came with zero resistance too, she even wanted to pour it on the spoon herself saying and it was "amazing" I was so nice to see that she actually wanted to get involved.

After week one it literally just became part of her daily routine and we couldn't be happier with the results we have seen, it has made such a dramatic difference to the whole situation and we wouldn't be without it now.

Of course Med Easy doesn't just stop at children, it can be used for anyone who struggles to take solid vitamins, medicines or supplements. If you know of someone you think struggles with gag-reflex or other issues similar...this could be worth a punt.

We have also introduced  Harrison to this aid and I have to say it can be a life-changing concept to people who like my son have very complex sensory needs such as Autism. Strong tastes and textures can be a great concern and something like Med Easy can really help.

All in all, we have been really impressed with this stuff and I think it's a must-have in any medicine cabinet. Obviously everybody's experience will vary and I appreciate just because we have found this amazing doesn't mean it will automatically work for everyone but for anyone who like me felt like nothing was helping and was just about to give up...this really is worth a try because if it can work for you it is a game-changer for sure!

There are instructions that come with the liquid so please make sure you consult them before trying to make sure it is suitable for you and your family.

Have you considered anything like this? Do you think it could be useful for your family? If so I would highly suggest you give this magic...or should I say Marzi-Potion a whirl!


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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

L'Oreal Smooth Sugars Scrubs

I am so excited to tell you all about these amazing new scrubs from L'Oreal, they are called The Smooth Sugars Scrubs and there is currently three to choose from.
 I am already such a massive fan of the Pure Clay Masks from L'Oreal and I really rate their skincare as a whole, so when these exfoliants launched I couldn't wait to pick up all three and try them.

First off the packaging is stunning, they all come in these chunky, little jars and I think they will look great sitting in the bathroom cabinet.

So now the task of deciding which scrub is right for you? unless you are like me and lack any kind of basic willpower and feel the need to pick up all three, in my defence Boots were running a third off so I got 3 for 2 which was a deal I  couldn't pass up.

Despite their very different formulas, texture and results they do all have a few things in common, the first being that they all contain the same three fine sugars...along with an additional ingredient to give various skin benefits.

All three scrubs claim to be of 100% natural origin which is fantastic to know as you can be confident that nothing harmful is going on to your skin.  These exfoliants also claim to be extremely caring on the complexion and after trialling all three for the past week or two I definitely agree with that statement.  Each scrub is a pleasure to use and feel very gentle (some more than others) on my skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and more importantly hydrated.

So let's go through each scrub and what it can do for your skin!

The first scrub I tried was the Clear Scrub, this contained the three fine sugars we talked about along with kiwi seeds. The aim of this scrub is to purify the skin, remove any nasties and lift blackheads.

The kiwi seeds are quite large but despite their size, they are in fact quite gentle, they have enough to them to remove any excess oil or grime on the skin but it doesn't buff it to shreds which is great especially if you're a little on the sensitive side.

The texture is quite gloopy and almost slimy but despite it sounding gross it didn't bother me at all, the thickness only meant that a little went a long way and it was very cooling when applied to damp skin. It also has a really fresh scent of peppermint so ideal for use in the morning to get you ready for the day. Once massaged into the skin the exfoliants get to work in bringing blackheads to the surface and it also draws out any excess oils and impurities which if not removed could go on to encourage spots.

This was a lovely scrub to use and it applied and removed very easily. I would highly recommend it if having a really gentle but effective, deep down cleanse is something you're after, especially if you prefer to exfoliate in the morning as it's super refreshing.

I feel like the Glow Scrub was made for me as I am forever lusting after a brighter, more radiant looking complexion. This scrub has the three fine sugars alongside Grapeseed Oil, I am a massive fan of grapeseed oil as I find it to be so hydrating for the skin. This combined with the abrasive texture really allows me to buff my skin and remove any unwanted dead skin cells revealing a much brighter

The texture of this scrub is by far the most abrasive because it is much more grainy and needs a lot less pressure when massaging in. Once buffed in I can feel my skin almost lighten both in appearance and texture. After use, my skin feels tighter, brighter and much less dull... so basically it's a win-win for me.

Although all three scrubs can be used on the lips I find this scrub to be the most effective and it really gets the blood pumping making my lips look more juicy and full. This technique also minimises lines on the lips which is great if like me you're a liquid lipstick wearer.

Last but by no means least we have the Nourish Scrub, this I found to be the most gentle in both it's texture and the best for a more sensitive skin type. The three fine sugars are combined with Cocoa which in its self is the absolute dream situation for any fellow chocolate fiend and far fewer calories. It legit feels like your massaging brown sugar combined with melted milk chocolate mousse on your skin...sound good? I thought so.

Stepping away from its heavenly scent the texture is also lovely and is so caring and gentle on the skin.  I have to say it's also the most enjoyable to apply although I think it was the chocolate scent that swung it. Even though I saw less physical results than the other two scrubs my skin definitely felt more nourished after using this scrub so the choccy hit was just an added bonus.

I would also say this is gentle enough to use daily as the exfoliating particles are not too abrasive and are a lot smaller. My skin felt like it had been through a spa facial and the velvety texture was dreamy, it was also super easy to both apply and remove.

So to sum-up when deciding which scrub to go for, I really feel like it all comes down to what you want results-wise, as they are all such pleasant exfoliants to use. If you're looking for a deeper cleanse and have a more an oily skin type...perhaps you want to target blackheads and blemishes and have a deeper, more intentional cleanse? then I would suggest the clearing kiwi mask.

If radiance, glow and replenishing the skin to help it look less dull and tired is your aim (it's definitely mine with two small children) I think the glow mask with grapeseed is the more suitable, option... it's also my personal favourite. However, it is not something I would recommend if you have a more sensitive skin-type as this scrub is very gritty and abrasive, it's also not something I would use every day as again it can be a little much.

On the flip side of the coin if you want something to use every day to get the initial grime off your face in a very caring and gentle way the nourish scrub with cocoa is the one for you. This is so gentle it can also be used on the more sensitive skin type to buff away dead skin cells and reveal a nourished more hydrated complexion.

I would say there is more than enough room for all three in my skincare collection. I love all the varying textures and I love swapping and changing according to what I feel my skin needs.

Hope this helps when deciding which scrub to try, I will also be doing a video on the scrubs for my Youtube Channel so make sure you are subscribed if you want to see these scrubs in action. It's completely free to subscribe and I would love to see you over there!


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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

A Little Trip To IKEA

We all know a 'little trip to Ikea' often results in a hefty shopping haul, I mean everything is so super affordable, it's hard not to go a little mad and one thing turns into ten...quite literally. In my defence, all the things I came home with were actually needed...well all with exception of the mug I am just a sucker for a good mug!

Today started like any other day but with one crucial difference... I had a craving for meatballs, I am not normally one to give into my foodie temptations but I decided to nip to IKEA because...well I fancied meatballs.

The 'inconvenient' thing about IKEA is that you cant get into the food section unless you have visited all the other departments. On the way to said meatballs and much to my husband's dismay, I picked up a few bits...He didn't complain though, happy wife happy life and all that jazz.

The first thing was something we were actually desperate for and it's a set of new dinner plates, I can't be the only person who has about 6 different designs and some sporting hefty chips. As charming as my muddled collection looks I decided to get rid of all the rest and purchase this beautiful pistachio green set. This was quite the bargain as it was reduced from £26 to £18.50 and it's an 18 piece set.

The set consisted of six large dinner plates, six smaller side-dish plates and six deep soup/cereal bowls. It was the colour that drew me to them as I think they will match my almond kitchen perfectly. We also have copper cutlery and I think they will look divine sat on a cream napkin with some foliage...so, all in all, I'm happy.

Sticking to practical purchases I also picked up this set of six glasses. These tick and chunky tumblers are so well made. We actually have these glasses in the taller version and they have lasted super well so we thought soon as the kids are now partial to using 'adult glasses' these smaller versions would be worth a punt...They were also only a mere £2.75 for all six so I really couldn't leave them there.

I also love the colour of these glasses, they are like a cool aqua shade so a perfect match for most monochrome kitchens.

 Last but by no means least is my beautiful mug which apart from the protein was my favourite purchase. I have to admit the last thing I need is another mug amongst my evergrowing collection but this peculiar little gem caught my eye.

It was the handle that attracted me to this mug, it is such a lovely shape and despite it looking very structured it is very comfortable to hold. Another thing I fell in love with was the colour, it's a mesmerising soft, subtle grey with a duck egg blue undertone...dreamy right? I also love the design of the lines in this mug, they almost remind me of fish scales which may sound gross but they're really effective.

I honestly think that this mug looks like it could have been bought from Oliver Bonas or Anthropologie (other Mug Havens for me) but it was so much more affordable and was around the £3.75 mark, I am super thrilled with it and can't wait for my morning brew.

Have you visited Ikea lately? What do you think of their homewares?


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Sunday, 4 March 2018

An Even Shorter Bob & Caramel Highlights

It's been six months since I cut off most of my long hair and I have to say it's been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has it made my life so much easier but I find it so much more flattering for my face shape.

Having longer hair was definitely a security blanket for me and now it's much shorter I have to pay considerably more time & attention styling it, I find shorter hair doesn't quite carry itself like longer hair can.

But an even shorter bob isn't all that's new around these parts, I have also done something I have been procrastinating about for the best part of 10 years and have finally had highlights.

After a lengthy conversation with my trusted stylist, it was decided that soft, warm tones of caramel would compliment my dark brunette hair and strong facial features better. I completely trust my hair stylist so whatever he says will work for me.....I am basically onboard for.

Needless to say, I am thrilled with the results and I now get why people can become obsessed with having their hair highlighted and multi-toned. This rich pop of colour has lifted my hair, given it an all new texture and definition and I have to say I am absolutely loving it. It looks so much more intentional, cared for and I think the layers also really added to its 'bed-head' vibe, I have also been told it makes me look a smidge younger which is never a bad thing.

I think the lesson I have learned is that if you want to try something new...just go for it! worst comes to worst it's only hair and will always grow back. I am so happy I finally took a punt on this because it has really added to my self-confidence and everyone both online and off seems to approve of the new look! For anyone who is interested, I get my hair done at the Jo Ferns Salon.

I am already thinking about what colours and ways I can experiment with next so please get in touch with any recommendations or suggestions you have...I am thinking about maybe adding some soft golden highlights into the mix next so watch this space.


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Thursday, 1 March 2018

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

There is nothing I like more than a good foundation especially when it involves a new launch from NARS and when it comes to it no matter how epic my stash gets I just have to try any bases they bring out and the Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation is certainly no exception......I mean why break a habit?

First off the packaging is on point, it's a slender glass bottle that looks great sat on anyone's counter. It also has the large brand lettering and is overall very pleasing to the eye.
I was also psyched to see that this foundation comes with a pump! I have always maintained that no matter how much I love the Sheer Glow I always feel a little bitter about the fact you have to buy the pump separately, so this pleased me greatly.

This foundation is a standard 30ml size,  so even though it's misleadingly tall you are getting that bog standard amount, however, this is more than made up for by the fact that it's so light and runny in its consistency meaning it's easier to blend and looks seamless and feels weightless on the skin.

Despite its lightness make no mistake about it this is a full coverage foundation, it really isn't messing about! Normally when you have a longer wearing foundation it comes with a cost of heaviness or feeling very heaped on and uncomfortable but it's certainly not the case with this one which I feel really sets is apart.

The finish this base gives is beautiful, it's very natural and the way I would describe it is Demi-matte meaning its very skin-like. I wouldn't say it is overly radiant which surprised me having that adjective in the title but I did feel it gave me a fresher, more even and healthier complexion which I was more than alright in my book. Again the coverage is wonderful and I love how effortless and comfortable it is to wear all day long. I would also say it is ideal for any skin type as it is very hydrating but not oil encouraging or greasy making it one a lot of people can get onboard with.

For those wondering, I wear this in the shade Stromboli and I am an olive, medium skin tone with yellow undertones.

Speaking of all day long, the longevity of this foundation is one of the best I have tried. It lasts around 20 hours and is more than enough for me, it's almost a shame to remove it at the end of the day. It also stays true in its shade and doesn't oxidise which is one of my big gripes with longer, high coverage foundations. The launch also has a fantastic shade selection so everyone should be able to find a shade they can rock.

And I think that just about wraps it up, I am really happy with it and my only criticism is that I would have preferred a little more radiance but hey you can't have it all and this base ticks a lot of my boxes.

You can buy this foundation here http://tidd.ly/bab59475

Have you tried it? what are your must-have foundations from NARS? I would love to hear from you!


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