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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

A Little Trip To IKEA

We all know a 'little trip to Ikea' often results in a hefty shopping haul, I mean everything is so super affordable, it's hard not to go a little mad and one thing turns into ten...quite literally. In my defence, all the things I came home with were actually needed...well all with exception of the mug I am just a sucker for a good mug!

Today started like any other day but with one crucial difference... I had a craving for meatballs, I am not normally one to give into my foodie temptations but I decided to nip to IKEA because...well I fancied meatballs.

The 'inconvenient' thing about IKEA is that you cant get into the food section unless you have visited all the other departments. On the way to said meatballs and much to my husband's dismay, I picked up a few bits...He didn't complain though, happy wife happy life and all that jazz.

The first thing was something we were actually desperate for and it's a set of new dinner plates, I can't be the only person who has about 6 different designs and some sporting hefty chips. As charming as my muddled collection looks I decided to get rid of all the rest and purchase this beautiful pistachio green set. This was quite the bargain as it was reduced from £26 to £18.50 and it's an 18 piece set.

The set consisted of six large dinner plates, six smaller side-dish plates and six deep soup/cereal bowls. It was the colour that drew me to them as I think they will match my almond kitchen perfectly. We also have copper cutlery and I think they will look divine sat on a cream napkin with some foliage...so, all in all, I'm happy.

Sticking to practical purchases I also picked up this set of six glasses. These tick and chunky tumblers are so well made. We actually have these glasses in the taller version and they have lasted super well so we thought soon as the kids are now partial to using 'adult glasses' these smaller versions would be worth a punt...They were also only a mere £2.75 for all six so I really couldn't leave them there.

I also love the colour of these glasses, they are like a cool aqua shade so a perfect match for most monochrome kitchens.

 Last but by no means least is my beautiful mug which apart from the protein was my favourite purchase. I have to admit the last thing I need is another mug amongst my evergrowing collection but this peculiar little gem caught my eye.

It was the handle that attracted me to this mug, it is such a lovely shape and despite it looking very structured it is very comfortable to hold. Another thing I fell in love with was the colour, it's a mesmerising soft, subtle grey with a duck egg blue undertone...dreamy right? I also love the design of the lines in this mug, they almost remind me of fish scales which may sound gross but they're really effective.

I honestly think that this mug looks like it could have been bought from Oliver Bonas or Anthropologie (other Mug Havens for me) but it was so much more affordable and was around the £3.75 mark, I am super thrilled with it and can't wait for my morning brew.

Have you visited Ikea lately? What do you think of their homewares?


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