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Welcome!! my name is Natasha Summer and I created this blog to run along side my established Youtube Channel 

This is where I will be doing more editorial content for those who prefer to read rather than watch videos.

Please feel free to get involved and comment as I always reply to my comments,messages etc.  Also make sure to send your requests as I would love to hear from you.

My Blog and YouTube Channel have become my main way of sharing my passions in life.

I hope you stick around and find content you enjoy.

Business & PR Contact natasha.allen86@hotmail.com


  1. Hi Natasha, I was just watching some of your videos on makeup dupes and I must say, they were really good! So well done. I will follow you from now on. Glad to have discovered u!

    1. aww thats really lovely thanks so much :) i have just given the blog a little ,makeover so make sure you let me know what you thin. It is also lovely to know you like my videos I appreciate it :) xx


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